Historic Landmark

Historic Ford Hotel, home of Tavro Thirteen.   

Historic Ford Hotel, home of Tavro Thirteen.


Housed in the historic Old Swede's Inn, Tavro Thirteen enchants the culinary traveler with hints of twentieth-century Spanish surrealism and the burlesque-inspired belle époque (the "beautiful era" in late 19th century Paris).  Our seasonally-inspired menu paired with a pre-Prohibition list of perfectly constructed cocktails transports the guest to an anachronistic wonderland of balanced flavors and bespoke experiences.  Whether our guests enjoy our ever-changing assortment of locally-inspired dishes for dinner a deux, a business lunch or even nibbling our tasty treats at the bar, our aim is to create for them a seamlessly enjoyable experience every time they enter our historical building.

The bar at Tavro Thirteen, with its featured classic cocktails, single vineyard wine list and craft beer selection, is offering guests a bespoke experience.  The classically trained bartenders at Tavro Thirteen will offer the total culinary experience.  Fresh ingredients, artisanal spirits, house made syrups and aromatized bitters allow the guest to indulge all of their senses.  Featuring hand-crafted, perfectly made pre-Prohibition classics like the Brown Derby, the Side Car and the French 75, Tavro 13 is the perfect South Jersey hang-out for the cocktail connoisseurs and the master mixologists.

Bespoke Experiences, Classic Cocktails, Inspired Cuisine


1301 Kings Highway | Swedesboro, NJ 08085 | 856.467.8413